Yukon Northern Affairs Program Devolution Transfer Agreement

8.77 Recommendation. India and Northern Affairs Canada should strengthen its coordination framework to ensure that the Government of Canada fulfills federal responsibilities under the claims agreements. Response from the service. The Department reports the vast majority of the costs of implementing land claim agreements in annual reports on individual land use agreements. The Department believes that it is not possible or particularly useful to compel federal departments to track every dollar of operations and maintenance issued on an agreement basis. The Department`s current reporting practices are as satisfied as possible with the recommendation of the 1998 report. In addition, there are areas where the implementation of government programs under legislation meets or contributes to land effort obligations. In these cases, it is more important to respect the commitment than to verify whether or not it is an additional cost to the implementation of the commitment. 8.46 Missing performance data. Since land claims do not contain milestones or objectives, progress in achieving objectives and overall performance is also not known. We found that the five-year review requested by the Nunavut Land Rights Agreement was not in a position to obtain a comprehensive measure of success, but noted that a major failure in the first five years was an “ineffective implementation.” She pointed out that there was a general lack of thought about the effectiveness of management.

As part of the Gwich`in, the implementation committee decided not to conduct a comprehensive five-year review, but to wait eight to ten years for a review of the implementation plan. The Committee postponed this review pending negotiations on the implementation plan for the next ten years. Response from the service. The department agrees. Through the enforcement committees, the Department will work with other parties to strengthen reporting through annual reports to ensure readers an accurate and realistic presentation of progress in implementation. The Department agrees that there must be a common will on all sides to overcome their differences. (9) The Commissioner`s administration is governed by Bill C-39 and Section 37 of the Northern Pipeline Act. This status provides for the construction of a pipeline from Alaska and northern Canada as part of a Canada-U.S. pipeline. Agreement. Section 37 authorizes the Governor of the Council to transfer to the federal minister of the pipeline all lands that are under the Commissioner`s control but are necessary for the pipeline.

As noted above, on April 1, 2002, four of the six YFNs signed Memorandums of Understanding with the federal and territorial governments, formally closing their claim and self-management negotiations.