What Is Member Declaration Agreement Icai Format

1.8 Even if a company is not part of a network and does not use a common mark within its name, it may give the impression that it is part of a network when it refers to membership in a business association in its stationery or advertising equipment. Therefore, if one does not pay attention to how a company describes such memberships, one can realize that the company belongs to a network. Unless otherwise stated, it should be interpreted as prohibiting a member from receiving profit-sharing or similar agreements, including the receipt of share commissions or the exchange of rights, with a member of that professional body or another qualified person, as mentioned in point 2 of this part; 4. The name and address of the company or member who are willing to enter/leave the network. Please go to our website icai.org and you will find SSP-Portal you can create your login login and password. xiii) determine the remuneration of member companies for the credits to be withdrawn (xii) define the method of debiting the resources of each member company (iii) contribution of member dues to cover the costs of managing the network. (i) All existing networks must submit this declaration on or June___________ 30. To streamline the network, a network must formulate company-related statutes. The statutes may contain the following clauses by which companies linked to the network can enter into a written agreement between them: 9.0 In practice, a member of the institute accepts the designation of legal controller of the accounts of public sector companies/government companies/publicly traded companies and other public enterprises with Rs turnover. 50 in a year in which it accepts other work or divestitures or services relating to the same company/company that exceed the total amount of the royalty due for the performance of the legal control of the accounts of the same company or company. The member of the company responsible by the HO can request the name change and its reconstruction. 9.3 In cases where a regulatory authority imposes a rotation of companies, no member company of the network may accept an appointment of an accountant in place of a company that is a member of the network that is retiring.

vi) Development of training materials for network members (ii) Any new network agreement must file this declaration within 30 days of the network agreement being implemented. 5.1 The network may have a unique name that should be approved by the institution. In order to distinguish a “network” from a “company” of accountants, the words “Affiliates” are not used by the name of the network and the words “Co.” / Associates. The format required for Name for Network approval is listed in Form “A” (attached). The name of the network can be mentioned as indicated in Appendix II. 1.6 When the broader structure is aimed at cooperation and the companies in the structure pursue a common business strategy, it is seen as a single network.