Waypoint License Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully before accessing or using the website. By accessing or using part of the site, you accept the terms of this Agreement. If you do not accept all the terms of this Agreement, you cannot access the Site or use services. If these conditions are considered an offer from Waypoint, acceptance is expressly limited to these conditions. The website is only available to people aged 13 and over. Unless otherwise stated, WayPoint Marketing Communications and/or its licensees hold the intellectual property rights to all materials on waypointmc.com. All intellectual property rights are reserved. You may access waypointmc.com for personal use, subject to the restrictions set out in these Terms and Conditions. Full agreement. This CAU represents the entire agreement between the licensee and the licensee and replaces all previous agreements between the licensee and the licensee, including advance insurance, declarations, conditions or you declare that each of your contributions is your original creation (see section 7 for bids on behalf of others). You state that your contributions contain full details of a third-party license or other restriction (including, but not limited to related patents and trademarks) that you are personally aware of and that are related to some of your contributions. 20) GENERAL DISPOSITIONS: a) LANGUE: all communications or communications made under this agreement are written in English.

b) JURISDICTION, VENUE – CHOICE OF LAW: Using the website or Services, you agree that Delaware state laws will resolve any issues or disputes related to that contract or any dispute that may arise between you and the company, with the exception of its conflict of law rules. In the event that disputes expressly admitted under this agreement are brought, the parties agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of the following county: Sussex, Delaware. The parties agree that this choice of law, jurisdiction and jurisdiction is not permissive, but mandatory. They heresy waive the right to any objection of the Tribunal, including the assertion of the doctrine of the unsuitable forum or a similar doctrine. (c) ARBITRATION: In the event of a dispute between the parties, which relates to or arises from the dispute, the parties first seek to resolve the dispute in a personal and good faith manner. If these attempts to resolve them fail, the parties submit the dispute to binding arbitration. Arbitration is conducted in the following county: Sussex. Arbitration is made by a single arbitrator and that arbitrator does not have the power to add parties, amend the provisions of this agreement, award punitive damages or certify a class. The arbitrator is bound by applicable and applicable federal law as well as by the law of the following state: Delaware. Each party bears its own costs and royalties.

Claims that require arbitration under this section include, among others, contractual rights, unauthorized rights, federal and regional rights, and claims based on local laws, regulations, statutes or regulations.