Volume License Agreement Microsoft

You must be a Licensing Solutions partner to be able to sell licenses and subscriptions through MPSA. You must also be an education dealer (AER) authorized by Microsoft to sell licenses via MPSA for Academic. A large group of Microsoft customers are OEMs that assemble and sell computers such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. On devices sold by these OEMs, Windows license data is stored in the computer`s BIOS in an area called “ACPI_SLIC,” allowing KMS to detect the use of previous Microsoft products, even if the storage device is removed or removed. [6] For Windows Vista and Windows 7, SLIC data is complementary; A volume license product key always comes with the device the user needs in the event of Windows reset. However, from Windows 8, everything that is needed for device authorization is stored with SLIC data. Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement (MOSA) is a transaction licensing agreement for commercial, government and academic organizations with one or more users/devices. MOSA is best suited for organizations that want to subscribe, enable, deploy and manage cloud services through the Microsoft Online Subscription Program (MOSP) seamlessly and directly across the web. Local software and software insurance are not available via MOSA. Volume licensing programs and agreements will evolve if we improve your shopping experience, starting with the Microsoft customer contract. You must be a provider of Microsoft Licensing Solutions (LSP) to sell licenses and subscriptions through Microsoft Enterprise agreements and registrations.

Combined with the value-added services of a cloud-based system integrator, hosting partner or reseller, the CSP program offers an easy way to license the cloud services your customers need. Local software and software insurance are not available from CSP partners. Users who use these keys receive an error message when they install the latest Service Pack, and these users are asked to obtain a legitimate license and change their product key. [12] Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is intended for service providers and isvs who wish to license authorized Microsoft products to host services and software applications for end-customers.