Api Access Agreement

This contract does not provide the licensee with support for the Services or the API, unless the licensee enters into separate agreements with Zendesk for that support. The licensee is solely responsible for support and support for end-users of its applications and subscribers who access, supply and/or purchase their applications. The licensee acknowledges and accepts that Zendesk is not required to provide support or technical assistance to application users, and the licensee must not assure those users that Zendesk is available for this support. The licensee is committed to making appropriate economic efforts to provide adequate support to users of its applications. 9.1 You accept rebilly of all claims, Losses, liabilities, expenses and expenses, including reasonable legal fees (cumulative “claims”) that may result from third-party actions (judicial, arbitration or otherwise) arising from or related to: (1) the use of the program by your or a third party, Rebilly`s resources, services or technologies through the rights, technologies or services provided by you or others. Your Rebilly compensation agreement implies the obligation to fully defend Rebilly in the event of an offer from Rebilly, regardless of the outcome of an action or proceeding. 7. Fees. The licensee must pay the fee charged in the service and/or order form, or if this form is not created, the licensee must have free access to the company`s public APIs. All fees are non-refundable and payable in U.S. dollars on the day of maturity. The royalties must be paid in the manner specified by the company.

If these fees are to be paid on the basis of the company`s accounts, these fees must be paid within 15 days from the date of the invoice. The dewriter must also pay all sales, uses, VAT taxes and other taxes, tariffs and taxes of any kind that are charged on the company`s income, except taxes. The entity may disable access to the API or platform in the event of a default. 4.1 Rebilly reserves the right to change the method of access to the program and/or resources at any time to ensure the safety of its environment. In the event of deterioration or instability of Rebilly systems or in an emergency, you recognize and agree that Rebilly may, at its discretion, temporarily suspend your access to the program and/or resources to minimize and protect threats to the stability and operational security of the Rebilly system. 2.3 The licensee grants Zendesk a free, non-exclusive, global, fully paid license, as long as its applications are published on a Marketplace, in order to: a) market, distribute, operate, run and display such applications; and (b) allow others to access, install, purchase and (in the case of downloadable software applications) to download these applications through the Marketplace. The licensee grants Zendesk, during the lifetime, a non-exclusive licence, fully paid worldwide, for the use of the licensee`s name, application names and associated logos (together “taker marks”) that allow it to exercise its rights and fulfill its obligations under this agreement.