Agreement Number Klarna

Complaints are subject to information. If you have a complaint with Klarna, you can file your complaint at Klarna`s address via Klarna`s website or by mail with the hashtag “claim.” If you choose to pay later, we offer you the option to pay 30 days from shipping goods or tickets/date of availability of services or digital content. We transfer our right of payment to Klarna Ab Bank (“Klarna”) when you purchase. Klarna will send you a payment order to pay directly to Klarna. Contact information and more information about Klarna can be found at An additional method that we can use to fill your data automatically is to place a Klarna cookie on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). You can save your data such as name, address, phone number, email, date of birth or personal identification number, card data and other information, such as Klarna. If you do, we will use the cookie to retrieve this information from Klarna`s memory, and the cookie will help us fill it out automatically when you shop at Klarna. This agreement is for an indefinite period. It applies until it is terminated by you or us and can be terminated at any time. Before integration can begin, each trader must sign an additional independent agreement with Klarna, in which pricing is agreed. Klarna provides online stores on MultiSafepay`s partner portal to generate login information. This login information is used to set up the Klarna gateway in your MultiSafepay account.

MultiSafepay will provide the necessary support during this process and whenever possible. If you sell goods to customers in another country, your IBAN number is required to obtain international payments. You will find the IBAN number assigned to your bank account in your online bank or you can contact your bank. You have an agreement, a point of contact, a billing file, a payment. Klarna Checkout is a comprehensive online checkout solution that aims to increase revenue and customer loyalty. Klarna, as a single payment provider, keeps everything under one roof. You have an agreement, a point of contact, a billing file, a payment with Klarna Checkout. For more information and instructions, please see: or Klarna can provide you with offers and benefits such as discounts, special events, product pre-access, sales promotions, dealer offers, samplings and giveways. The offers and benefits you receive will depend on your previous actions, such as the number of purchases, purchase amounts or use of Klarna Services. If you do not pay an amount that you owe under the credit contract on the due date, Claire AB Bank may charge you interest on this amount, you can also charge an additional fee – you will find details about this in the credit contract.